NATO Medical Evaluation course

From 6th to 9th of March, six pSO members successfully completed the NATO Medical Evaluation (MEDEVAL) Course, which was in organization of NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine in Rommel Barracks in Dornstadt, Ulm, Germany.

After familiarizing with the medical related doctrine hierarchy, participants were divided in three syndicates. The main task was to create a first impressions report (FIR), based on already completed self assesment of one multinational medical facility and conducted observations from a medical evaluation team.

Next task for the participants of the course was conducting an observation on a medical Role 2B hospital from the 3. Medical regiment located in Rommel Baracks. As a result from this observation, three different first impressions reports were made by the three syndicates, and they were presented to the commander of the Role 2B hospital.

After completing the test, all participants were presented certificates for successful completion of the NATO Medical Evaluation (MEDEVAL) course.