BMTF Steering Board

The Steering Board (SB) is the highest decision making body, consisting of authorised political and military representatives from each Participant. Each Participant will have one vote. SB decisions will be made unanimously by all Participants. The SB will have a BMTF activation mandate (i. e. deployment), subject to the approval of each Participant’s national authorities.

BMTF Standing Organization

BMTF Standing Organization (BMTF SO) is a permanent peacetime body of the BMTF responsible for organizing and planning the training activities and steady state / contingency operations of BMTF.

BMTF SO is tasked by and report to the Steering Board.

The BMTF SO is composed of: BMTF Commander (COM BMTF), Chiefs of Sections and Medical Treatment Facility Commander (MTF COM) and Head Nurse: 
– S-1 (Personnel section); 
– S-3 (Operations section);
– S-4 (Logistic section);
– S-5 (Plans and reimbursement section);
– S-6 (Communication and Information systems section);
– S-7 (Training and exercise section).


The organizational structure of activated BMTF

The organizational structure of the activated BMTF will consist of the following elements:

a. BMTF Commander ;
b. HQ Staff (Chief of Staff and SO Sections);
c. ROLE 2 Medical Treatment Facility (MTF);
d. Evacuation Unit;
e. Logistic Unit;
f. Patient Evacuation Coordination Centre (PECC).