• Decisive Strike 21

    5/24/2021 10:22:03 AM

    BMTF is a part of Decisive Strike 21 which is conducted on Krivolak and Pepelishte Training Area in North Macedonia.

  • Adriatic Strike 21 participation

    5/24/2021 10:01:42 AM

    BMTF SO representatives took part as observers on the Adriatic Strike 21 Exercise together with members of Slovenian Armed Forces and Colorado National Guard.

  • BMTF SO and Norwegian embassy representatives meeting

    4/29/2021 11:06:30 AM

    A working meeting between the BMTF Standing Organization (BMTF SO) and representatives of the Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade was held on 28 April this year.

  • Ohrid recconaissance

    3/21/2021 2:33:02 PM

    On the 17th of March 2021, members of the BMTF Standing Organization were on reconnaissance in Ohrid, North Macedonia.

  • BMTF Steering Board Chairman handover

    2/10/2021 8:22:43 PM

    The 39th BMTF Steering Board meeting was held on the February 3, 2021.

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