NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine in Budapest and Multinational Medical Coordination Centre/European Medical Command in Koblenz organized and conducted the Table Top Exercise Vigorous Warrior 22 – Casualty Move 22 (TTX VW22_CAMO22) from 30 March to 09 April 2022 at Recreational, Training and Conference Centre of Hungarian Defense Force. Up to 160 participants from 22 nations participate in this exercise.
The BMTF is taking part in VW 22″ – CAMO 22″ with 5 (five) personnel from Albania and North Macedonia.

 The aim of exercise is to test and train the interoperability of the multinational medical support system in a simulated NATO Major Joint Operations Plus (NATO MJO+) at the operational and tactical level and to gain experience, focused on C2, with the SHAPE Patient Flow Management Concept. The exercise allows the training audience to exercise, test and develop medical capabilities, plans, systems, procedures and processes rather than individual actions or abilities.

Participation of BMTF SO in exercise VW22’’ – CAMO22’’ is not only a contribution to multinational training, but also it is gaining experience to further enhance BMTF Command-Control (C2) capabilities. Logistical support, planning and preparation of a comprehensive multinational resilient system of skills at the tactical/operational level in future engagements.