BMTF Collective training 2021

In line with the preparations for participating to the NATO EADRCC exercise „North Macedonia 2021“, collective training was conducted with the BMTF personnel in the period from 14th to 18th of June, 2021. As of 2020, North Macedonia has taken the rotational framework nation role and the collective training was conducted in „Ilinden” barracks in Skopje, North Macedonia. 

The aim of the training was coordinating the standard operating procedures (SOP’s) between the modules, regular testing of the equipment and medical self-evaluation of the unit. During the training a small presentation of the BMTF capabilities was conducted for the visitors from the BMTF participating nations (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia) and partner nations (Kingdom of Norway and USA). 

Collective training was an opportunity a ceremony of handover-takeover of the framework role to be conducted between previous and ongoing framework nations, Serbia and North Macedonia.

MKD COL Zaim Shkrijelj, new BMTF Commander thanked to the previous BMTF Standing Organization members for their efforts in building BMTF as a regional multinational medical unit and stressed that he and his team will continue on strengthening the capacities built during the first period.

SRB COL Žarko Mićović, former BMTF Commander, stated that he was honored that he led a great team of professionals and wished COL Shkrijelj success in the following period to make BMTF respectable medical unit.

Former BMTF SO members during the ceremony were awarded for their significant contribution in the process of maintaining BMTF full operational capability.