Donation of didactic materials

On 17th December 2021, representatives of each participating country of BMTF SO, led by the Commander of BMTF, Colonel Zaim Shkrijelj, visited the branch class of “Gjorche Petrov” Primary School in Skopje.

On this occasion, the BMTF delegation donated didactic materials to pupils with special needs.

The BMTF delegation was greeted by Principal of the OURC “Dr. Zlatan Sremec” Ms. Marija Deletic and special educator and rehabilitator Ms. Roza Antonaki – Ivanovska. They expressed gratitude on behalf of the school for this contribution that will facilitate and improve the educational process with children in this class.

The BMTF SO members used this opportunity to wish Happy Holidays to the teacher and her pupils by giving them New Year’s candy gifts.