BMTF Collective training 2018

From 20th to 25th of May 2018, in the “Banjica 2” Barracks in Belgrade, Serbia, collective training was conducted with the personnel from all six nations participating in the BMTF.

The main purpose of the Collective training was to check readiness of the BMTF as a multinational medical unit to participate at the FTX EADRCC Exercise “Srbija 2018” that is planned in the period from 8 to 11 October 2018 in Serbia.

Training objectives were as follows:

– To optimize interoperability among the BMTF structure;

– To evaluate effectiveness of information management and patient flow through MASCAL simulation;

– To self-evaluate modules within the BMTF;

– To build effective medical teams within the BMTF.

Since during the Initial operational capabilities evaluation process that happened in the previous year, only the key personnel was present, rest of personnel joined the collective training, and the new members were introduced to the procedures and job descriptions related to the respective modules in which they are deployed.


Taking into account the conducted medical evaluation (MEDEVAL) and the achieved initial operational capability, Final evaluation report was examined during the collective training, deficiencies were identified and proposals were submitted for their elimination in the following period.

Special attention was given to the MASCAL procedures for receiving more patients above the MTF capacities, with theoretical explanations of the procedures that should be implemented in each specific module. After this a practical simulation of MASCAL procedures was conducted.

The efforts and willingness of the BMTF personnel witnessed the Chairman of the BMTF Steering Board, Mr. Krste Malinkovski and Head of the Military Health Department, Col. Uglješa Jovičić. Both expressed their satisfaction with the work so far and the achievements of BMTF, both during the “Saber Guardian 2017” exercise and the preparations for the upcoming FTX EADRCC Exercise “Srbija 2018”.

During this collective training, part of the personnel, mainly doctors, participated on the Trauma familiarizing course, conducted in organization of the USAFE.

This was unique opportunity to get on one place personnel from different countries with same or similar working background, and to exchange job related discussions. Also, it was an opportunity for BMTF personnel teambuilding, and prepare for the upcoming BMTF participation on the international exercise for response to the consequences of natural disasters of the EADRCC “Srbija 2018” in October 2018.