According to the Concept, The BMTF it is a multinational military medical unit composed of medical modules formed from contributions of the Participants.

One of the Participants, on a rotational basis, it has the role of the Framework Nation (FN). A medical/medical-support officer it is a head the BMTF. All BMTF HQ positions are specified in the Crisis Establishment (CE) manning table. BMTF Standing Organization (BMTF SO) is a permanent peacetime body of the BMTF responsible for organizing and planning the training activities and steady state / contingency operations of BMTF.

BMTF Standing Organization Structure

Click to enlargeBMTF SO it is tasked by and report to the Steering Board. The BMTF SO it is composed of minimum eight personnel which are the following:

  • COM MTF and
  • Chiefs of S 1, S 3, S 4,S 5, S 6 and S 7, as members of HQ Staff









Click to enlargeThe organizational structure of activated BMTF

The organizational structure of the activated BMTF it consist of the following elements:

  1. Commander BMTF;
  2. HQ Staff;
  3. ROLE 2 Medical Treatment Facility (MTF);
  4. Evacuation Unit;
  5. Logistic Unit;
  6. Patient Evacuation Coordination Centre (PECC);


BMTF composition it is augmented by additional modules if required and made available by Participants.

Member countries
- Ministries of Defense

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