BMTF Partners Informational Meetings

From the period of late February to mid March 2016, the Chairman of the pre Steering Board, Mr. Krste Malinkovski along with representatives from the partner nations of Norway, Major Tor Ole Vormdal and USA, Colonel Kevin Hill conducted informational meetings with the senior leadership of 5 of the 6 BMTF member nations (ALB, BiH, SLV, SRB, MKD) in order to update them on the status of BMTF development, and to solicit continued support for the future. The meeting in Montenegro are planned to be conducted in connection with the pSB meeting in April 2016.

The main goals were to confirm national commitment to BMTF development, manning and resourcing; capture any unique national challenges to BMTF progress and discuss possible mitigation measures; encourage senior leader support for a more “top-down” emphasis to BMTF development in place of the current “bottom-up” model.

The level of discussion, insightful questions, and positive reaction gained during each meeting proved the value of the engagement trip, and made it clear that trip objectives listed below were achieved. Additionally, these engagements provided an opportunity to discuss key national issues and ideas for future BMTF development which signaled the continued validity of the published Steering Board Strategy. Not only were current national commitments and overall key milestones confirmed, but also productive discussions were held on the mid and long term direction of the BMTF.


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