BMTF pSO participate in medical demonstration exercise „Spring 2015“ in Belgrade, Serbia

Balkan Medical Task Force Pre-Standing Organization members participated in medical demonstration exercise „Spring 2015“ in Belgrade – Republic of Serbia from May 19th to 21st 2015. Exercise held in Banjica barracks and Medical Military Academy (MMA) was designed and conducted by personnel of the Medical Training Centre/MMA - Republic of Serbia primarily for the participants who successfully accomplished Medical Reserve Officers Training – March Class and students of the final semester of Military Medical Academy. 

Opportunity to participate in the exercise was used to get broader picture about exercise planning and to gain the main idea about how BMTF partner Nations' personnel can be embedded successfuly into already existing exercise in November 2015.

pSO members expressed their pleasure with the hospitality of hosts who ensured all necessary information required for the future activities planning.

BMTF is planning to conduct field training exercise (FTX) together with Armed Forces of The Republic of Serbia in November 2015. Working title of FTX is „Proof of Concept“ and it symbolicaly shows strong determination of BMTF participating Nations to demonstrate project's feasibility


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