BMTF pSO members participate in the FTX "IR 2014" in Republic of Slovenia


Balkan Medical Task Force Pre-Standing Organization (pSO) members participated, as observers, in the field training exercise „Immediate Response 2014“ in Vipava – Republic of Slovenia from August 17th to 30th 2014. 

Started in 2006, Immediate Response is an annual European Command, US Army Europe-led exercise to allow participating nations to work together, building trust, interoperability and promoting regional stability.

Following the success of the Immediate Response 11 to 13 hosted by the Croatian and Slovenian Armed Forces “IMMEDIATE RESPONSE 14” (IR-14) was conducted in August 2014 as Brigade level Command Post Exercise/Computer Assisted Exercise (CPX/CAX) and Foreign Disaster Response (FDR) Field Training Exercise (FTX).

BMTF pSO observers aim was to observe and become familiar with exercise planning methodology and various exercise C2 during multinational disaster scenario used for Immediate Response (IR) Multinational Exercise. Besides this, some other established objectives were achieved, such as: familiarization with Role 1 and Role 2 operations and resource management throughout operations, familiarization with supporting agencies and C2 for Role 2 operations during disaster response and familiarization with military and civilian collaboration for disaster response.

Opportunity to observe this kind of exercise provided pSO members very valuable experience and knowledge which will used in BMTF future exercises and operations.


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