BMTF SO and Norwegian embassy representatives meeting


A working meeting between the BMTF Standing Organization (BMTF SO), headed by the COM BMTF, COL. Zaim Shkrijelj, and representatives of the Norwegian Embassy in Belgrade, LTC. Egil Daltveit, defense attaché, and Jon Kværne, assistant to the defense attaché, was held on 28 April this year.

During the meeting, discussions were held over the current state and possibilities of the BMTF, as well as the prospects for future development and engagement of the BMTF. It was stated that the COVID-19 pandemic negatively affected the efficiency of the BMTF in terms of realization its projected role of assisting civilian authorities in case of natural disasters, but also that great efforts are made by all subjects involved in the BMTF project to maintain the BMTF operational capability at the required level.

The participants agreed that in the coming period it is necessary to undertake additional efforts in order to implement the planned activities of the BMTF in 2021, emphasizing that the Kingdom of Norway will continue to support strongly the BMTF project.




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