Participation to the "Vigorous warrior 2019"

Balkan Medical Task Force will participate to the largest dedicated medical exercise "Vigorous Warrior 2019" (VW19). VW19 is NATO Joint Multi-level and Multinational Medical Exercise, as it encompasses the simulation of actions with 38 participating NATO and Partner Nations. This exercise is the only possibility for all Participants to train for a real deployment in a very well-designed scenario with multiple challenges for everybody throughout the whole Exercise. 

The exercise will be conducted 1-15 April, 2019. The bulk of the land component (civilian and military) will be situated in the Joint National Training Center in Cincu, Romania.

After the first week of build-up and preparation, the Live Exercise part begins on the 7th of April and ends on the morning of 12th April, with a Distinguished Visitors Day scheduled also for the 12th of April. The exercise ends with the Medical Evaluation and First Impression Report submission on the 15th with the units redeploying from the 13th of April.

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