SO workshop


The BMTF Standing Organization (BMTF SO) Workshop was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 27 to 30 Sep 2018.

Main topic for the this workshop was the forthcoming participation on the NATO Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre (EADRCC) exercise “Srbija 2018” from 07th to 12th of October this year in Mladenovac, Serbia.  The participants noted that most of the preparations were realized in accordance with the planned deadlines.

Also, participation on the planning conference and the realized preparatory activities for the Vigorous Warrior 19 were discussed.

As an integral part of the workshop a meeting was held with representatives of SVN Armed Forces (SVN AF), led by senior representative Sonja Turnšek. Following introductory remarks and informative briefing on the BMTF, discussion on the further perspectives of the BMTF, as a significant regional project, was conducted. Representatives of the SVN AF expressed their satisfaction with the current cooperation and involvement of the SVN AF in BMTF activities. Particular interest was shown for the activities that the BMTF plans to realize in the coming year in order to involve them in the regular SVN AF plans for 2019.

During the visit of SVN Role-2 Medical Treatment Facility, a presentation on the history of the hospital, their engagement as a part of SVN civil-military cooperation and future plans was conducted. Representatives of the BMTF SO were introduced with the layout and setup of the modules within the hospital.

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