• MASCAL Course

    2/21/2019 11:55:32 AM

    Mass Casualties (MASCAL) Course was conducted with representatives of all six nations participating in Balkan Medical Task Force(BMTF) in organization of NATO Centre of excellence for military medicine (NATO MILMED COE) and the Multinational Medical Coordination Center with facilitators from Hungary, Netherlands and Germany.

  • Lessons Identified Conference for the EADRCC exercise "Srbija 2018"

    2/19/2019 9:37:38 AM

    The post-exercise Lessons Identified Conference was jointly organised by the The Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre (EADRCC) and the NATO Crisis Management and Disaster Response Centre of Excellence.

  • Consequence management field exercise “SRBIJA 2018”

    10/17/2018 8:39:16 PM

    Balkan Medical Task Force took part to the consequence management field exercise “SRBIJA 2018”, in and around Mladenovac, Serbia.

  • Main Planning Conference "Vigorous Warrior 2019"

    10/17/2018 7:42:52 PM

    SO members took part on the Main Planning Conference to the exercise "Vigorous Warrior 2019", held in Sibiu, Romania.

  • SO workshop

    9/6/2018 1:09:44 PM

    The BMTF Standing Organization (BMTF SO) Workshop was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 27 to 30 Sep 2018.

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